Nagyerdei Szabadtéri Színpad
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Nagyerdei Szabadtéri Színpad
Ticket price: 2 400 Ft,
2 900 Ft
Date: 17th August 2014, 20.00 h
Location: Outdoor Stage of the Nagyerdő, Debrecen, Nagyerdő.
Gates open: 19:00

St. Martin Concert

The famous flute artist, St. Martin presents his new album, the St.Martin & Syrinx.

The possibility of self-actualization has been fulfilled in 1994. His first album has been released in Hungary, called St.Martin 1. It was just newly released, and let's go to Malaysia, where he presented and released this album at the same year. Thousands of it has been sold. It was such a sucsess in Asia that it became a golden record first there. He had been invited there for many times. World famous musicians met in Kuala Lumpur, and he was invited there as well. They made an album together, called 'Sax For Lovers'. Candy Dulfer, Tom Scott, Warren Hill, Nelson Rangell, Eric Marienthal, Kenny G., St. Martin. Press conference with Yanni, the world famous greek pianist. It was fun! Party jamming with the local wizards of music. Brilliant musicians, and the event called TOP OF THE PUB'S!

Albums released in Hungary, one after the other, and afterwards in Europe also.

Experiences again, and so much to say.
Specialities equally abroad and at home. Unique outdoor locations to perform...Meeting with the loving audience again and again...Then I step down in between the rows, then we chat, but in this special case only in one direction: I blow the saxophone, and they listen.

St.Martin & Syrinx | Jubilee album
The title is mysterious.
Who or what is Syrinx? Duett sounding but why and with whom?

Syrinx - is an ancient musical instrument of sheperds, a bunch of pipes of various length and calibre. The cylinders are clamped together with wax and twine in a way that the upper endings are forming a slantwise line, what makes possible to slide them along the mouth, as the tune neccessitates.

The syrinx or Pan’s pipe, what origins back in the distant ancient times, spreaded all over the wordl and takes share in the folk based music of particular ethnical groups (romanian folk musicbands etc.) Papageno’s musical instrument in Mozart’s Magic Flute, and i a way it symbolizes the most primordial and simple human music.