Nagyerdei Szabadtéri Színpad
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Nagyerdei Szabadtéri Színpad
Ticket price: 5 900 HUF,
5 500 HUF,
4 900 HUF,
4 500 HUF

Date: Sunday 30th June 2019 (20:30)
Length: ca. 85 mins
(rain place: Kölcsey Centre.)
Location: Nagyerdei Open Air Theatre, Debrecen.
Gates open: 20:00


concert of Erika Miklósa and Modern Art Orchestra

Looking back on the past 20 years, it seems to me that tere is not much difference between the life of an opera singer and a marathon runner. What is needed is enormous discipline, hard work, perseverance, long-term effort – an investment, so to speak. These present a series of challenges – facing them makes you stronger and even more experienced. And of course, you need courage to be able to make an extraordinary CD, such as this one. Yes, courage – an luck – is necessary for a group of fantastic musicians of all sorts to find the same wavelenght; and to make music together so professionally, with so much love, forming a stable basis for the bridging of genres. And let us not forget all the work behind the scenes, ensuring the best possible conditions. All I can do is express my gratitude. Thank you fr all the love, for accepting me, for being so patient – and above all, thank you for this exceptional CD. Because there is no OTHER WAY to do it!” /Erika Miklósa/


1. Piazzolla: Maria de Buenos Aires – Yo Soy Maria (3:27)
2. Gershwin: Porgy and Bess – Summertime (3:44)
3. Bernstein: Candide – Glitter and Be Gay (5:34)
4. Händel: Eternal source of light divine (3:49)
5. Verdi: La Traviata – É strango, é strano… (5:46)
6. J. Strauss: Denevér / Die Fledermaus – Csárdás (4:35)
7. Kálmán: A csárdáskirálynő – Álom, álom (4:28)
8. Bizet: Carmen – Habanera (4:29)
9. Pacheco: Ha uma música do povo (3:35)
10. Delibes: Lakmé – Oú va la jeune Indue? (7:58)
11. Monnot: Hymne á l’amour (Edith Piaf dala) (3:05)
12. Porter: Let’s do it! (4:22)
13. Hupfeld: As Time Goes By (Casablanca film betétdala) (3:26)