Nagyerdei Szabadtéri Színpad
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Nagyerdei Szabadtéri Színpad
Ticket price: 3 400 Ft,
2 900 Ft,
2 400 Ft,
1 900 Ft

Date: Sunday 18th August 2019 (20:30)
Length: ca. 100 mins
(rain place: Kölcsey Centre)
Location: Nagyerdei Open Air Theatre, Debrecen
Gates open: 20:00


dance performance from Duna Art Ensemble

"If we try to form a judgement of this land from the window of the train as it cuts through Kalotaszeg lengthwise, we will find it is predominantly monotonous, bleak, even sad. Yet the air is wonderfully clean, the hills draw sharp, capricious lines against the sky, the silhouettes are firm, and there is an oddly individual quality to the colour patches and lineation of the ploughlands and hayfields. In this cold and sharply drawn land, the artist will pick out, as in an ingeniously composed image, the people and their creations, whose contrast is responsible for a great effect.

Kalotaszeg has never had, and will probably never have, an author to write about it with more beauty and trustworthiness than Károly Kós, and no one dealing with the region can avoid referencing him. Nor can we, and his accounts became inspiring sources for our production-to-be.

For years now, the Duna Art Ensemble has sought to lift folk dance from its customary stage settings, and to create complex productions of dance theatre that are marked by authenticity, as well as a modernity and innovative spirit that allow folk dance and music to appear on a par with the elements of contemporary theatre.