Nagyerdei Szabadtéri Színpad
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Nagyerdei Szabadtéri Színpad
Ticket price: 1920 HUF, 2020 HUF
Date: Thursday 20 August 2020, 6 pm
Duration: 90 min
(rain place: Kölcsey Centre)
Location: Nagyerdei Open Air Theatre, Debrecen.
Gates open: 5:30 pm

Nagyerdei Open Air Theatre | TOGETHER 100

A Hungarian Folk Dance Panorama Commemorating the Centenary of the Treaty of Trianon

The forgotten folkloric treasures from the regions of historic Hungary get revitalised in the joint dance theatre performance of 70-year-old Debrecen Folk Ensemble and 30-year-old Főnix Dance Ensemble in the heart of the Great Forest (Nagyerdő) of Debrecen.

The two leading folklore ensembles of Debrecen jointly attempt to culturally and mentally unify Hungary and the historic regions detached from it exactly 100 years ago with their dance performance, which will feature the largest number of participants in the entire performance history of Nagyerdei Open Air Theatre.

Jointly celebrating a total of exactly 100 years of operation, Debrecen Folk Ensemble and Főnix Dance Ensemble invite their spectators to a real time travel with the cooperation of around two hundred talented young dancers in the form of a three-dimensional painting, in which the wartime anecdotes, the historic period’s poems, the literary fragments and olden day army songs of the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries will come to life in the colourful parade of the authentic folk dances and traditional children's games of the Hungarian and cross-border territories.

With this spectacular "folklore passion" rich in the folk costumes of the Carpathian Basin, we, the viewers of today, can set off on a joint inner pilgrimage towards a bygone era as it should not only be a joyful task but also a liberating community experience for all of us to preserve the cultural values of this past and pass them on to the coming generations.

With musical excerpts from Hungarian composer Zoltán Kodály's famous Singspiel 'Székelyfonó' (The Spinning Room) featured in the performance, we will also evoke the moments of the opening ceremony of Nagyerdei Open Air Theatre that took place 70 years ago.

Performed by the Debrecen Folk Ensemble, Főnix Dance Ensemble and the Bürkös Folk Band

Director-choreographers: Lenke Törökné-Csécs, Csokonai Award winner, and Vilmos Hercz, Young Master of Folklore Arts Award winner