In 2021, the Experience Forest will open its doors again

In 2021, the Experience Forest will open its doors once again, with the simple yet noble aim of bringing joy and smiles back to the faces of its beloved audience.

Between 8 June and 9 September 2021, the Nagyerdei Open-Air Theatre will entertain the audience of Debrecen with the best theatre productions of the country, the most demanded star actors and musicians.

Last season was an extraordinary and challenging one, not only for us, but for the entire acting community. Over the years, we have managed to gather a great and enthusiastic audience here in the heart of the Great Forest that we can always count on. We would like to see laughter, fun and unforgettable experiences taking centre stage again under the trees of the Great Forest.

This year’s theatre programme will include 10 productions by 8 guest companies, 9 performances by the Csokonai Theatre and one of the Nagyerdei Open-Air Theatre’s own premieres – a total of 20 theatre performances will be presented on the Nagyerdei Open-Air Stage in Debrecen. The theatre season will include a cross-section of genres: classical and contemporary, Hungarian and foreign comedy, farce, folk dance, mystery plays, musicals and musicals.

  • Thália Theatre – Claude Magnier: Oscar – comedy in two parts
  • Csokonai Theatre – Andrzej Saramonowicz: Testosterone – comedy in one part
  • Recirquel Company – Recirquel Company: My Land – one-part circus production
  • Játékszín – Jenő Rejtő – Vajk Szente – Levente Gulyás: The Blonde Cyclone – comedy in two parts
  • Csokonai Theatre – László Dés – Péter Geszti – Krisztián Grecsó: The Boys of  the Pál Street – musical play in two parts
  • Csokonai Theatre – Imre Kálmán: The Queen of the Csárdás – operetta in three acts
  • Central Theatre – Florian Zeller: Marriage Lessons for Intermediates 2 – conjugal ping-pong in one part
  • Madách Theatre – Ray Cooney: Odd Couple 2 – comedy in two parts
  • Szigligeti Theatre – Ernő Szép – Sándor Guelmino: Purple ákác – romantic comedy in two parts
  • Csokonai Theatre – Kodály Philharmonia Debrecen – OperaLiget – classical music concert
  • National Theatre – Hungarian National Dance Ensemble – Géza Szőcs: Passion of Csíksomlyó – Passion Play in one part
  • Orlai Produkciós Iroda – Bess Wohl: Partitions – comedy in two parts
  • Csokonai Theatre – L. Frank Baum – Harold Arlen – E.Y. Harburg: The Wizard of Oz – family musical in two parts
  • Nagyerdei Open-Air Theatre – Nagyerdei Open-Air Theatre: Tűzliliom – mystical dance play (premiere)

As the above programme list shows, this year the Nagyerdei Open-Air Theatre is preparing a number of plays that are almost eternal classics for the audience. For example. The Passion of Csíksomlyó, an 18th century interpretation of the biblical story, or The Wonder of Oz, a wonderful story about a little girl, which is not only a funny and humorous story, but also a deep and thought-provoking message for adults.

The Nagyerdei Outdoor Stage under the evergreen oaks

There will be no shortage of fun and entertaining crime novels, thanks to Jenő Rejtő’s novel The Blonde Cyclone, directed by Vajk Szente. But this category also includes Claude Magnier’s farce Oscar, the film version of which was released just 30 years ago starring Sylvester Stallone. The success of this roller-coaster ride of twists and turns is guaranteed not only by the excellent story, but also by the great actors.

And of course there will be no shortage of spectacular performances, such as Recirquel Company’s My Land, which combines contemporary dance and theatre to explore the roots of humanity. A special performance will be Marriage Lessons for Intermediates 2, which will offer the audience a real star-studded parade, starring András Stohl, Móni Balsai, Patrícia Kovács and Zoltán Schmied. The Purple ákác, brought to us by the Szigligeti Theatre from Oradea.

A bird’s eye view of the Nagyerdei Open Air Theatre

We are delighted to finally present our performance of Tűzliliom, which was cancelled last year, on the boards of the Nagyerdei Stage. For the first time, the Hungarian audience will see the Debrecen Folk Ensemble transport us to the fairytale world of Wass Albert’s Funtinel’s witch with her mystical dance. The enchanting dance piece tells the story of Nuca, the Transylvanian fairy witch, coming of age and her tragic fate.

We believe we are in for a colourful and exciting season, hoping that the Great Forest will be the place where we all meet again! We look forward to welcoming you all!

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