Nagyerdei Open Air Theatre 2020

Check out our appraisal moments. The summary video of 2020 reveals that even in this difficult situation, great actors brought the magic of the theatre to the open air stage in Debrecen with special performances.

In spite of all programming difficulties posed by the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, in Summer 2020 Debrecen’s much-loved Nagyerdei Open Air Theatre – strictly adjusting its operations according to all relevant pandemic regulations – was fortunate and flexible enough to be able to present yet another full season of spectacular theatre, musical theatre and dance performances, concerts, film screenings, as well as folklore presentations and entertaining family shows, still attracting a very high number of both regular and occasional theatregoers.

Between 8 June and 26 September 2020, the 1,017-capacity venue attracted nearly 17,000 visitors with more than 27 mainstage productions on offer, performed right in the the greenest heart – the so-called Great Forest area – of Debrecen, Hungary.

In its 26th season in a row, the Nagyerdei Open Air Theatre once again presented a colorful array of what Hungarian entertainment currently has on offer.

As regards to the venue’s theatrical side, the 2020 season’s programme offered the following theatrical repertoire to its visitors:

  • Patricia Resnick – Dolly Parton: 9 TO 5 – THE MUSICAL (A Musical in Two Acts) – Móricz Zsigmond Theatre, Nyíregyháza
  • Alan Ayckbourn: HOW THE OTHER HALF LOVES (A Farce in Two Acts) – A New Hungarian Production’s Nationwide Premiere – Orlai Productions, Budapest & Nagyerdei Open Air Theatre, Debrecen
  • Stefan Vögel: THE KIDNEY (A Comedy in One Act) – Orlai Productions, Budapest
  • Gábor Presser – Dusán Sztevanovity – Péter Horváth: THE ATTIC (A Musical Play in Two Acts) – Csokonai Theatre, Debrecen
  • Galt McDermot – James Rado – Gerome Ragni: HAIR (A Rock Musical in Two Acts) – Pannon Castle Theatre, Veszprém
  • Orsolya Nagy: THE CASE OF THE BOOTMAKER, THE WIND KING AND THE PUSS SHEPHERD (A Musical Fable in One Act) – Vojtina Puppet Theatre, Debrecen
  • Ray Cooney: RUN FOR YOUR WIFE (A Farce in Two Acts) – Madách Theatre, Budapest
  • Ede Szigligeti – Vajk Szente – Tamás Bolba: YOUNG LILLY (A Musical in Two Acts) – Madách Theatre, Budapest
  • Vilmos Hercz – Lenke Törökné-Csécs: TOGETHER 100 (A Folk Dance Spectacle in One Act commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Trianon Treaty) – A New Production of the Nagyerdei Open Air Theatre
  • Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy – László Velekei: ANNA KARENINA (A Ballet in Two Acts) – Ballet Company of Győr
  • Jeanie Linders: MENOPAUSE THE MUSICAL (A Musical in Two Acts) – Játékszín Theatre, Budapest
  • Vajk Szente: THE BACHELOR PARTY (A Farce in Two Acts) – Játékszín Theatre, Budapest
  • SUMMER CABARET SHOW (A Cabaret Show in One Act) – L’art pour l’art Company, Budapest
  • Pierre Barillet – Jean-Pierre Grédy – Abe Burrows: CACTUS FLOWER (A Farce in Two Acts) – Orlai Productions, Budapest
  • Angéla Kolozsi: THE GOOSEHERD GIRL (A Family Fable in One Act) – Vojtina Puppet Theatre, Debrecen

Hopefully under much better general circumstances than in 2020, we very much look forward to welcoming You and your guests at our next, 2021 season; until then, please do check out our official 2020 aftermovie below to experience the Nagyerdei Open Air Theatre’s heartwarmingly unique and exciting atmosphere.

Főnix Rendezvényszervező Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft.

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If it is summer, let’s go to the nature. But if it is summer in Debrecen, head to the Nagyerdei Open Air Theatre. There is a real miracle in the embrace of the hundred-year-old trees.


In 2021, the Experience Forest will open its doors once again, with the simple yet noble aim of bringing joy and smiles back to the faces of its beloved audience....


’I look forward to these days all year round. Great place and great host. In addition, I love this delicious and rich world that is so essential.’