Egressy-Sebestyén-Müller-Radó: Nikola Tesla – Infinite Energy

08 jun 2022wednesday 20:30
Ticket price: 7900, 7400, 6900, 6400
Time: 08 jun 2022, 20:30 The duration of the performance is 2 hours with a break
Location: Nagyerdei Szabadtéri Színpad, Debrecen, Nagyerdő

Nikola Tesla is beyond doubt one of the greatest geniuses of all time, whose brilliance can only be compared to Aristotle or Leonardo da Vinci. His inventions, transforming our whole world, had already been considered by his peers equal to the importance of the wheel and the Egyptian pyramids.

The fact that electronic devices have become an indispensable part of our daily lives during the past century is mainly attributable to Tesla’s patents and inventions.  This process continues to develop even today, given that he was the first to lay down the principles of smart phones or the wireless electric charge.

This scientist, who had a unique personality, is rightfully claimed to be their own by many countries. Only a very few people know that the professional career of Tesla – who was born in Croatian territory with Serbian origin – started in Budapest from the so called ’Puskás Telephone Company’, his first workplace.  As a cosmopolitan in America, he could make his childhood dream come true: designing the hydro-electric power plant built in the Niagara Falls. Since, the scientist was linked to Hungary by many human ties, this fact gave the perfect reason for TBG Production dedicating their first feature-length show to this brilliant mind.

This energetic highly spectacular two-act musical performance, apart from providing great entertainment, assists in exploring again, and getting to know a new side of this brilliant scientist and the misteries of his life.

This two-hour musical uses the state of the art show technique elements available today to create the visual scenery that provides an exciting background to present Tesla’s life and the atmosphere of the 19th century, guiding the audience from Smiljan through Prague, Budapest, Paris, New York and the Chicago World’s Fair up to the Niagara Falls.

The play was created with the collaboration of the bests in the profession in Hungary. The songs are hallmarked by the Atisjus and Fonogram awarded, Áron Sebestyén and Péter Müller “Sziámi” is responsible for dramaturgy. The script is written by Zoltán Egressy, the choreography was developed by Anikó Szabó. The visual scenery is attributed to the team of Forward Production and the unique spirit of the costumes to Márk Kiss.

Director: Denise Radó

Mastermind: Tibor Vona

Graphic designer: Attila Tóth

Lighting system: Menüett Production

Photographs: Graf Pictures


Main roles:

Nikola Tesla: Ádám Pesák

Antal Szigeti: Gergő Mikola

Adél Szigeti: Viktória Békefi

Thomas Alva Edison:  Ádám Lux

Duka Tesla/Sarah Bernhardt:  Nikolett Füredi

George Westinghouse: Armand Kautzky

Bachelore/Lenin: Gábor Maday

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